Evaluation of Forex Results




Currencies of individual countries can be traded on the FX market. This foreign exchange market is subject to its own laws and rules. Successfully forex trading also means analyzing completed trades. With the evaluation of forex results, the applied strategy can be reviewed and optimized. The evaluation of forex results is a decisive means for future success.


Steps in evaluating Forex results
A currency pair was traded. Price development is decisive for the success of trades. That is why it is analyzed first. This analysis allows conclusions on the market situation and allows forecasts on the further development of the market in this segment. The next step is to study the criteria that are noted in the preparation of the trading plan elements of the technical analysis. These are best reflected in the actual market situation. The criteria for fundamental analysis must then be considered. The macroeconomic environment and political conditions at the time of the trade are examined. Specifically, the Forex trader examines its previous hit ratio. The hit rate shows the percentage of profitable trades compared to all trading activities carried out.


Significance of the results
The results of the evaluation of forex results flow into the strategies and the Forex trading plan. The trader’s future risk and money management is decisively influenced. The selection of currency pairs and the determination of the time for a new trade are optimized. When trading, it is important to exclude subjective influences on the decisions to a large extent. Through the systematic evaluation of the forex results the objectivity gains.


The evaluation provides the trader with the opportunity to obtain reliable information about the market structure and to draw conclusions about a possible development. Technical aids make the work easier for the evaluating end. With the matrix, traders have the possibility to get an insight into the graphical representation. With the matrix, different criteria can be associated with the price development. Charts and Forex channel presentations also allow professional work. To identify the overall trend, the trader compares the monthly, weekly and daily charts. Online tools provide the trader with up-to-date figures and price levels that can give the seller or buyer objective decision support. Online tools are fundamental tools for the development of currency prices on the forex.


The results of the forex trade evaluation are there to reduce losses and significantly increase success in order to get higher returns on the invested money. Traders on the forex market, among other things, also have the opportunity to exchange experiences and problems with other traders. The results obtained are now included in the forex trading plan. The trading plan defines the future Tradingziele. Using the analysis, the Forex trader can determine the overall picture of a currency and thereby optimize the timing of trading.


Successful trading with the forex evaluation
The results of the evaluation are incorporated into a trading plan. A trading journal is a useful tool for analyzing your own actions. The Forex trader can document here daily, which trading methods have had successes and on the basis of which an error analysis is even more effective. The trader can learn from the mistakes made and thus avoid money losses and optimise profits in the future. Tradingverluste is also seen as a payment.


The FX trader also fixes its Tradingziele by means of the trading journal. Consistent and disciplined work helps the Forex trader to achieve its goals and optimize the risk-opportunity ratio.


The evaluation of forex results and the analysis and intake of the results into the instruments of future action are decisive criteria for success. Every trader who wants to be successful and will have to stick to it. Of course, you can orient yourself to other traders. Their ways of acting. But everyone should take responsibility for themselves. Others may be mistaken. The FX market offers great odds. It is to be used.