Why Forex trading?




You’ve known it for a long time. There are speculators who earn money with Forex trading. Speculators are not serious, they have read somewhere. Black money is in the game and taxes are evaded. Believe only what you have tested yourself and seriously deal with this issue and trading on Forex will put off its bad reputation.


Good reasons
There is an economic crisis, many lose money due to low interest rates or because it needs to be depleted. On Forex you can bet on rising or falling prices. The crisis does not matter. The Forex account is opened very quickly and you could also start trading almost immediately. But we advise against it. If you have met some basic requirements can make the money but go ahead. Fees are scarce and the profit is immediately well written on the trading account. You can start reaching your financial goals. You’re a boss, and no one can dictate anything to you. Your workplace is where your computer stands, at home, in the garden, on the beach or OR OR. You can act whenever you want. The market is open 24 hours a day.


Some tips
The FX market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The trader should know the best times. There are many currency pairs that can be traded. However, not all of them are suitable for trade at any time. Profit is always possible. The border is set by lack of knowledge, too little skill and skills, and by bad trade discipline. There will always be losses. However, the trader can limit this.


Forex trading is nothing more than to make money by changing money. The simplest concept is buy low and sell high. When trading in international currencies, the trader buys a currency at a low price and sells it when the price is high again. If you have it on it also profits of 1,000 euros a day are feasible. For example, you bought a day ago for 1 Euro course to the US dollar 1.3700. Today, at a rate of 1.3800 you sell and have earned 0.01 US $. They say that is little. Now use the haste of the forex, so do not trade with 1 euro but by the lever with much more.


Forex Trading Example:
Yesterday you bought have 1 EUR to 1.37 USD. Today sold that 1 euro for 1.38 USD. Congratulations! They only made a profit of 0.01 US dollars (1.38 to 1.37 = 0.01). Now, 0.01 US dollars is a very small amount, but we can take small amounts and make bigger profits out of them. To make the bigger profit you should trade a larger volume of money, like thousands or millions of dollars. You take 200 euros in your hand and use the lever 1:500. Your investment in the market is then 100,000 euros and the earnings are now at 1,000 euros. However, we generally advise a beginner to have smaller levers.


Dangers for traders
Trading on Forex is fraught with risks. You can lose the use of the trade but also the entire trading account. But before that, the trader can protect himself with money.


Set Stop Loss
Limit bet per trade (1-2%)
Limit trade in total (10-20%)
Calculate opportunity/Risk ratio
You can continue to manage the risk by getting tough on your trading strategy and not becoming greedy. Discipline is the A and O for the trader. He’s his biggest risk factor.


The preparation
The art of trading is a good preparation. Where is the journey of the course. To answer this question, the trader conducts analyses. Fundamental analysis and a technical analysis. Entry points and trends recognize these are the goals before entering the trade. The trader is referring to the fundamental data from publications. Technical data is provided by chart analysis and mathematical calculations. Indicators and oscillators are calculated and compared with the current chart. Special trading software is also offered.


Forex Trading Platforms
Your broker will offer you different platforms that will allow you to access the market. One often used is the Meta Trader 4. This gives you real-time access to the market. Current course information and a wide range of methods. Indicators and oscillators are displayed. You can combine them as they seem most suitable for you. Demo accounts are also integrated. With these you can practice and develop, test and refine the trading strategy. The trade can be partially automated.


Forex trading is speculative, but it is a normal trade. The goods are a foreign currency. This trade expires when you exchange Turkish lira at a currency exchange office or when the economy